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Domestic Waste Bin

Waste Reduction

The Waste Reduction committee is here to trash the garbage ways that we take care of waste. Waste is a huge environmental problem and Waste Reduction seeks to divert waste build up on campus and education UA Wildcats and Tucson community members on why environmentally-friendly waste management is important and how they can manage their own waste to help make the world a better place.


Nicole Collins


Lila Curruthers




TerraCycle is a project to help reduce waste on campus by offering a place to recycle unconventional items.  We have boxes in both of the campus libraries to collect office supplies and snack wrappers.



Upcycling is a project that does several events promoting reuse of clothing on campus.  Some examples include repair workshops and clothing swaps.



Plogging is an activity that originated in Sweden through which you can both exercise and clean up your environment!  We host events in which you can run or walk while picking up trash along the way.

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ByFusion is our partnership with the Coconino dorm to collect plastic.  The material we collect is brought to the Ward 6 ByFusion rolloff to be made into construction grade building blocks that can then be used in projects around Tucson.

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