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SFS Highlights By Year


  • SFS hosted their first week long Earth Week celebration with over 340 participants

  • SFS hosts Feeding the World Event and donated 127,266 gains of rice

  • ​Sustainability Student Fee by the Energy and Climate committee is passed by ABOR

  • Campus Vegetation Mini Grant accepted

  • HydroCats installs new faucet aerators for CAPLA 

  • Greenhouse purchased for the community garden 

  • PLAN - Phase 1 of ATLAS Waste Audit conducted

  • Waste Reduction launches podcast called "Trash Talk"


  • UArizona Community Garden transitions under the Office of Sustainability 

  • Waste Reduction enrolled The University of Arizona as member of the Post Landfill Action Network 

  • Hybrid car purchased for SafeRide

  • SFS goes fully online


  • SFS hosted their largest Earth Day Event to date 

  • Education Outreach Committee Forms

  • UA Community Garden revitalization project began 

  •  ENR2 Agrivoltaics construction begins


  • The Pollinator Basin at the Community Garden is completed

  • Cistern Painting Part 2

  • SFS Directors help write sections of the UA Strategic Plan

  • SFS reaches 120 members across all committees and projects


  • Environmental Arts "Just Add Water" art gallery

  • SFS paints the Community Garden Cistern 

  • Yoga in the Garden and CPR in the Garden

  • SFS works with Career Development on the Green Career Fair 


  • The Highland Cistern was installed

  • The Wildcat Waste Challenge in the UA Libraries occur 

  • Environmental Health Panel

  • Women in Green Leadership Panel Series 

  • Market on the Moves starts coming to the Farmers Markets 

  • SFS is offered as a class 


  • SFS members travel to the Paris Climate Talks with our climate action banner

  • Break the Bag Habit campaign continues 


  • SFS has over 30 members

  • "Break the Bag Habit" campaign was launched

  • SFS collaborated with Tucson Village Farm for their Water Cow


  • Students for Sustainability hosted "Recycle Roll" which set up 3,000 recycling bins around campus


  • SFS created the UA Community Garden

  • As more people joined SFS, committees form to help divide and conquer. 


  • Office of Sustainability was formed

  • Greening the Game started 


  • Compost Cats was started within SFS

  • The "Sage Fund" rebranded into the "Green Fund" 

  • SFS secured a full-time advisor 


  • SFS was small but continued growing and searching for full-time advisor! 


  • Students for Sustainability was founded! 

  • There were only 7 students in SFS

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