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When one of life’s basic ingredients only makes an appearance a few times each year here in the desert, it’s wise to capture what you can and use it as responsibly as possible. The HydroCats Committee is part of a paradigm shift in Tucson’s approach to storm-water management and green infrastructure and our mission is to train a team of students in the design, management, and installation of water harvesting systems in the greater Tucson community.


Meet the Chairs

Allison Doty

Why I love HydroCats >

Jason Juang

Why I love HydroCats >

Rhiannon Nabours 

Why I love HydroCats >

HydroCats designed an active cistern for the garden that has a capacity of 20,000 gallons

UA Community Garden

Highland Cistern

HydroCats installed a refill station in the Slot Canyon Cafe in ENR2


Water Bottle Refill Station

HydroCats designed and built a passive water basin with pollinator plants

UA Community Garden

Pollinator Garden Basin

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