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  • Is Students for Sustainability a club?
    No, Students for Sustainability is not a club. Rather, we are an ASUA student government program! Some of our fellow ASUA programs include the Campus Pantry, Spring Fling, and SafeRide amongst others.
  • Who does Students for Sustainbility work with?
    We work with many people, organizations, and departments in the UA and Tucson communities! Our primary partner on campus is the Office of Sustainability, but we also have worked with the Institute of the Environment, Student Engagement & Career Development, Facilities Management, the Rec Center, the UA Libraries, WRRC, and so many other amazing UA groups. We have worked with off-campus groups such as Watershed Mangement Group, Physicians for Social Responsiblity, and Citizens' Climate Lobby. If your group is interested in working with us, please reach out to us at!
  • How can I get involved?
    If you are a student at the UA (undergraduate or graduate), you are welcome to join Students for Sustainability and be a part of the push for a greener campus! To do so, we need interested students to fill out an application. Applications can be found on our website and they open for each semester. If you aren't a student but still want to be involved with the great work that SFS does, you can join us at our events, tell your friends about us, or you can share our posts!
  • Is the UA Community Garden affliated with Students for Sustainability?
    In 2012, our passionate SFS members started the UA Community Garden. Since then, our garden has blossomed into a separate program under the Office of Sustainability! The garden remains a lovely oasis on campus and community hub for students.
  • What are some projects that Students for Sustainability has done in the past?
    Some of our many projects over the years include the Highland Cistern, the Just Add Water gallery, the Decolonizing Sustainbility Panel Series, Yoga in the Garden, Stories in the Garden, the Wildcat Waste Challenge, the pollinator garden basins, and many others!
  • How can I find out more about sustainability on campus?
    To learn more about sustainability on campus, you can follow SFS on social media (@uasfs), the Office of Sustainability (@SustainableUA), and the Institute of the Environment (IE) (@UAEnvironment). You can also check out the IE website at and subscribe to their weekly newsletter, The Dirt, at
  • Can I talk to someone in your program about a sustainability issue?
    Sure thing! If you'd like to interview one of our members, or simply chat with us about a topic, we'd love to set up a time to meet you. Just email the directors at and we will get back to you!
  • Do I have to be a specific major to get invovled?
    Not at all! Sustainability is an intersectional cause and we need students of all backgrounds to help us represent all the components that make up sustainability.
  • Applications will reopen in the Fall 2023 semester
    Members make up the majority of the SFS body. Members are placed into a committee and attend both committee and general meetings each week. Applications are currently open for the Education Outreach, Food and Health, and Marketing committees! Please see the "Get Involved" page for more information and the application link.
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