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Food and Health

Food and Health is a committee focused on the environmental aspects of our food, such as how it's grown, packaged, transported and disposed. In addition, this committee focuses on the ways that the health of the planet is connected to the health of the people. Food and Health's goal is to educate people on the impacts their food has on them, as well as the relationship between our environment and our health. 

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Swiss Chard
Farmers Market

Sustainable Cookbook

Members of the committee ideate  recipes using produce that is accesible to students through Market on the Move. These recipes can be accessed by clicking here.

Farmers Market

Market on the Move

Food & Health brings affordable fresh produce to the Farmers Markets to help fight food insecurity


Sustainable Cookbook

Food & Health created their very own sustainable cookbook. Access it here to try out some recipes!

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Blue Corn Muffins

Blue Corn Muffins

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