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UArizona Community Garden

The mission of the Garden Committee is to engage the Tucson community by teaching its citizens about sustainable urban agriculture, as well as expanding access to organic, productive growing spaces in our Sonoran desert climate. Today, the garden serves as an important bridge between the UArizona and Tucson communities and is under the operational and financial management of the Office of Sustainability. Get involved and visit the garden - we’re just north of the Highland Parking Garage and have approximately 30 4’ x 20’ cultivable beds available to rent by anyone in the community!




Nandita Parekh


Chloe Penna


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Garden Workdays

UArizona Community Garden

Every Friday and Sunday from 3-5pm during the academic year the Garden committee is hard at work tending to the garden

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Stories in the Garden

UArizona Community Garden

The Garden committee has hosted multiple of these events where students gather, share stories, and enjoy the natural space

Seed Delivery

Seed Library

UArizona Weaver Science-Engineering Library

The Garden committee maintains the UArizona Seed Library. Stop by the Science and Engineering library to take some seeds!

Urban Gardening
Contact Us About Garden Beds

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Garden Bed Rental

Standard rental includes one 4' x 20' bed, automatic drip irrigation, access to tools, seeds, and materials in the shed, and consultations from the garden managers.

Contact Uarizona Community Garden managers to inquire about pricing and the rental process.


1400 E Mabel Street 

Tucson, Arizona 85719

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